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I love you
I know I've said this
Many times before
But hunny I'm so in love with you
Those are the words
I will never grow tired of telling you
When I cry at night
So scared and alone
I just think about you
Then I'm alright
'Cause I know that if
You were really here
You'd wrap me in your arms
And keep me safe
You're the only one I want
The only one that I'll ever need.
I hope you know
Just how much you mean to me
Our love is strong
We can survive anything
I know you'll be there
For the better and worse
You prove that to me
By the way you talk
When I dream about a better life
You're always there
Right by my side
And you never leave
And yes I spend my time
Writing sappy love songs
But what's so wrong
It's the way I feel
Boy, you're the one I love
And I always will
Every day and every hour
I'm thinking about you
You're on my mind
And in my heart
And baby you know
That my word is true
:iconsafarisam:SafariSam 2 2
My day at the ER (true story)
Just another normal, boring day at school right? Even worse 'cause it's a Monday, which means there's a long week ahead and I really wasn't looking forward to any of it. No, there really wasn't anything normal about this day. First it started off waking up in a house that I didn't live in. I was staying at a "safe house" and my life was (still kinda is) in the hands of the government and child protective services. Other than not being in my own home, the morning was basically normal. Also it was uniform day for ROTC because we had a special visitor that day and we were aiming to impress him so all the cadets, including me, had to wear their Service Dress Uniform (SDU). I didn't feel to well physically that day though, but I just brushed it off thinking that it was just stress getting to me and that it would pass when I woke up all the way. But as the day went on it didn't go away. I went to lunch and just ignored the weird feelings and the slight pain in my stomach and just hung out wi
:iconsafarisam:SafariSam 0 0
What would happen
When an angel dies
A mass chaos
Or nothing at all
But that's not true
Angels will never die
Even the living angels
A new born baby
A WW2 veteran
Angels surround us
But not many understand
Every day we see them
And they never die
Their energy just spreads
That's where it goes
Their energy surrounds us
It fills the universe
It fills the void
Energy makes matter move
Energy is anima
Anima is the soul
Anima means movement
What about the dark angels
The tortured souls
They are necessary
They are the balance
Do they cry forever
Or can they find peace
They are the opposite
Opposites explain everything
When a balance is reached
There is no more need
For dark or light angels
Heaven and hell
Are the same thing
States of mind
Energy and opposite
Do we ever know
If it even exists
We can only infer they do
There is no proof
Its just like love
We just know it's there
Just like this
Proof is evidence
Only idiots need it
Everything above proof
Is intelligence or faith
Things just nee
:iconsafarisam:SafariSam 3 4
Do you see it
Can you feel it
We are connected
That connection
This is perfection
Creative beings create
Save the memory
For an eternity
Give them life
Write it down
Forever bound
Shape the ideas
Make a poem
Give it a form
Our energy
The nothing
Its the meaning
Of life itself
:iconsafarisam:SafariSam 2 0
Sharpie tattoo's by SafariSam Sharpie tattoo's :iconsafarisam:SafariSam 4 14
That Girl
That girl with tears in her eyes
Sitting in the back of the room
Just watching life pass her by
That girl with her head hung low
Always keeping to herself
And not letting anyone in
That girl holding her doll close to her chest
Whispering in its ear
That it'll be alright
That girl dressed in black
Chains around her neck
And the devils cross
That girl who carries a knife
Not to look tough
But it could save her life
That girl with the small black notebook
Writing down her life
And things she could never say
That girl crying late at night
Remembering the past
Afraid of the future
That girl passed out in the bathroom
Drugs taking control
Until she ends up dead
That girl without a care
Slits her wrists
Then plays in the blood
That girl tied down to a strangers bed
Crying out for help
But daddy never comes
:iconsafarisam:SafariSam 4 5
My hell
Dreams of fire and mass destruction
Run through my subconscious mind
Every cold, dark, miserable night
I watch the angels bleed from my knife
I want to see the pain
I want to hear the screams
Surrounding me as I walk the path
The path that leads, to never-ending death
Let the air be filled with a thick smoke
That seeps from the pores of the earth
Wind so cold, it freezes the tears
Cooled by the ice of my heart
I stand at the top of a mountain
And watch the world burn down
Hand in hand with the devil next to me
Nobody can escape the hell I've created
:iconsafarisam:SafariSam 3 5
Zombie Squirrel RP
Foster: *Poke!*
Me: *pokes back*
Foster: *brings out baseball bat*
Me: *stares questioningly*
Foster: *runs after waving the bat threateningly*
Me: *runs and hides underneath the bed*
Foster: *reached under bed and poke with bat*
Me: *hisses and scratches at the bat*
Foster: *lights bat on fire*
Me: *screeches and runs out from under the bed*
Foster: Wheeeeee! *chases*
Me: *grabs a knife and runs up a tree*
Foster: *piles leaves at bottom of tree and torches it*
Me: *jumps outta tree and runs to a dark ally*
Foster: *bat burns down to the point it scalds my hand* MOTHER TRUCKER!
Me: *snickers softly*
Foster: *tosses rock at you*
Me: Yikes!! *was bruised by rock*
Foster: Victory is at hand! *tosses a sponge disguised as a rock*
Me: *jumps away not letting it hit me this time*
Foster: *points over your shoulder in a vague direction* Look! A zombie squirrel!
Me: *growling at sponge-rock is interrupted* SQUIRREL!!!!!!!!!
Foster: *tackles*
Me: *is taken by surprise and tries to get away*
:iconsafarisam:SafariSam 3 8
Skull shirt by SafariSam Skull shirt :iconsafarisam:SafariSam 0 2 New glasses by SafariSam New glasses :iconsafarisam:SafariSam 2 9
Kill me slowly
Let me bleed
With the devil around my neck
And an empty soul
There is nothing left
But the taste of death
:iconsafarisam:SafariSam 4 3
My addiction
You think I have no idea
But I do understand what happening
Its pure addiction
An addiction I have created
I suffer through the pain
Yes I have no plan on quitting
If anything at all, I want more
I never wish for it to end
I let it take all control
Some days, its my slice of heaven
And it helps me heal inside
Other days, it eats away at my flesh
And it keeps me up at night
Now I stand alone at the bottom
Of the hole I threw myself into
The cravings are to much to avoid
I cannot hide my lust for it
All innocence is burned away
Words start forming in my mind
And filling the hole where I stand
Until the pressure is to much to handle
Until I can no longer breath
But I still continue writing
As inspiration starts a flood
Drowning myself in words
Creating my own death
:iconsafarisam:SafariSam 0 0
Our love
Lets start a fire of our love
As daydreams are erased
And memories are formed
A wink of you eye
Releases a spark
We walk through the meadows
On a cool fall night
Until we find
The perfect spot
Huddled close together
With a light blanket
Across our shoulders
We watch the stars closely
And as our love grows
The stars burn brighter
And one by one
They begin to fall
At the touch of our lips
My eyes slowly  close
My body relaxes
In your strong arms
As the earth
Comes to a stop
The stars from above
Crash down to earth
As your fingers gently
Touch my cheek
All time freezes in place
The stars continue to fall
Large bursts of flames
Engulf the earth
We hold each other
A little closer
And our sweet kisses
Last a little longer
Oblivious to the destruction
That is all around us
Then the very last star
The brightest of them all
Begins to fall
Directly above us
With gentle whispers
Of "I love you"
And a loving stare
Deep into your eyes
One last explosion
From the very last star
Strikes the
:iconsafarisam:SafariSam 1 3
Swirls/hearts by SafariSam Swirls/hearts :iconsafarisam:SafariSam 0 0 Doodle by SafariSam Doodle :iconsafarisam:SafariSam 0 0 Crazy Day! by SafariSam Crazy Day! :iconsafarisam:SafariSam 4 10


Evil Prevails by ValantisDigitalArt Evil Prevails :iconvalantisdigitalart:ValantisDigitalArt 10 2 Carniveau by Dan-Harding Carniveau :icondan-harding:Dan-Harding 140 31
First Kiss
The moment I saw him, my heart did something it had never done before.  Not that what happened was biologically unique… but it was the first time I felt it stop.  Not like a word, where you can just cut it off; not like a thought, where you can banish it to a depth in your mind that allows for no return; not like a book, which you can suddenly slam shut.  It stopped the way a light bulb is turned off: most of the light fading all at once, but the remnants of glow dwindling slowly from the tiny wire.  It stopped like the end of a song, when the bass note continues to echo in your ear, slowly losing its volume until you can no longer detect it.  My heart tingled as it stopped.  And jumped to life again as I saw him look up and recognize my car.
He was standing there, next to the road, waiting for me to appear around the bend, his breath making writhing clouds that haloed his face.  Lights from a house shone behind
:iconmistressofquills:MistressofQuills 13 25
He startled her as he came around the bend, emerging from the small copse of trees like a wraith emerging from a deep shadow.  She stopped walking and stared at him, her heartbeat quickening in fright.
But as he stepped into the light of the street lamp that stood only a few feet behind her, she realized his face was familiar.
"Hayden?" she asked hesitantly, the incredulity and utter shock at his being there evident in her voice.
"Hey, Kisa," he said, a slight smile turning up the corners of his mouth.  There was a familiar light in his brown eyes that warmed her heart in the remembering.  They had not been close friends; even so, seeing him filled her with a sense of relief.  Ever since leaving home, she had been lonely, having not previously known anyone here before she moved.  Her world had completely changed in the space of a few short weeks, and now she felt so alone.
In that moment, she realized she didn't care that he hadn't been a very close friend; she was just happy to see an
:iconmistressofquills:MistressofQuills 13 12
Lights and Love
If I lit a little crimson candle
for every crystalline tear I cried,
for every shaky breath I sighed
and every time I've almost died
when you looked into my eyes…
My house would be filled with light,
and the heat of a thousand flames
that writhe and dance and play games
of flickering fun and flirty aims,
as if to taunt me and my pain.
So I pick them up, one by one,
while they continue their wild dance,
with a deep bow and a little prance,
as if their devious aim is to entrance.
They don't understand: their purpose
is to light my heart and warm my soul.
They light the pier in a soft glow
that doesn't rival the moon's show…
silver brilliance, beams white as snow.
My eyes gleam with tears unknown.
The beauty of the night is lost on me…
the moon, the stars, the candle light…
the little flames dance with growing fright
as they bleed red tears in the night,
their life burning and bleeding away
as I sit there and weep and pray
for the day we are together again.
Because, my
:iconmistressofquills:MistressofQuills 8 11
As baby sleeps
I stare down, upon her slumber,
Yet in the distance, I hear faint thunder
A storm now threatens, air shifts cool
Strong will, to rip this peace asunder.
Yet for now baby sleeps,
And for now, all is well.
And then the storm begins to swell;
Wakes precious baby, in fright and in fear
With patient soothing, these tears clear
For In my arms, baby knows no harm
For she is safe, and cared for, and dear.
My hand covers one ear, the other on my chest
As she hears the comfort of strong heartbeat,
I cradle her and better support her weight,
With a mere gentle nuzzle, her fears all abate.
And she drifts gently back to the land of dream
I know now, with all that I am, and will ever be,
she is the best thing that never happened to me.
I wish I were a father.
:iconjtcheney:jtcheney 3 1
drown the lies by demonic-art1990 drown the lies :icondemonic-art1990:demonic-art1990 14 11 Hail Satan by Nihility666 Hail Satan :iconnihility666:Nihility666 195 64 born to die by KatieKat16 born to die :iconkatiekat16:KatieKat16 4 2 20110518 by Signevad 20110518 :iconsignevad:Signevad 616 124 Braindead - Collab with OluDeniz by kiki71 Braindead - Collab with OluDeniz :iconkiki71:kiki71 60 23
Only A Car Crash Away
"Danny! Danny, look here!" Melissa squealed over the loud thudding music inside the small car as she held up her camera and snapped a picture of her boyfriend, Danny, as he drove down the road. Danny laughed and held his hand out in attempts to cover the camera lens but he wasn't nearly as quick as Melissa.
Tucking her hair behind her ear, she lifted the camera up to look at the photo as it appeared momentarily on the screen. Lips spreading into a wide smile, she nodded her head, "This one is a keeper. Definitely a future Facebook profile picture, don't you think Allie?" She shoved the camera into the face of her overly shy best friend, nearly knocking her thick black framed glasses off her face.
Allie fell back in her seat, momentarily caught off guard by the sudden threat of having a large and heavy camera smashed through her nose. Pushing her glasses back up her nose, Allie mumbled a quick, "I guess so," before turning her gaze back out the window.
The sun had quickly disappeared be
:iconimkaylakilljoy:imkaylakilljoy 2 0
Spirit Day by hpwolffreak Spirit Day :iconhpwolffreak:hpwolffreak 7 3 Walk With Me In Hell by snghigurashi Walk With Me In Hell :iconsnghigurashi:snghigurashi 53 61 The real satanist by maxsamael The real satanist :iconmaxsamael:maxsamael 40 26 Darkness Falls by GirlinTranslation Darkness Falls :icongirlintranslation:GirlinTranslation 90 22



United States
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Favourite genre of music: anything interesting
Favourite style of art: Poetry
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MP3 player of choice: sony E series
Favourite cartoon character: garfield
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